Without an unbiased professional inventory report, assessing liability for cleanliness, damages or missing items can be difficult to prove. Our reports are highly detailed so that any disputes between a Landlord and Tenant can be resolved using this document as a reference for the check-out report at the end of a tenancy.

A professionally compiled Inventory report will list the contents of the property in detail which will include the fixtures, fittings, décor and furniture if applicable. Essentially, the report will also comment on each item’s condition (i.e cleanliness, wear, damage etc) which will need to be considered for the check-out process. Our reports also include a schedule of condition, meter readings and a list of keys (pictured) alongside embedded digital colour photography to support comments and a schedule of condition.

We offer a 48-hour turnaround (or sooner if required) and will send up to three hard copies as well as digital PDF of reports, at no additional cost.

Before making a booking, we advise that all decorating and cleaning be fully completed before the inspection so that a report can be accurately compiled in the state that the tenancy is due to commence.

Smoke and/or Carbon Monoxide alarms should be fitted and in working order, as per regulation, and will be tested on the day of Check-In. All furniture, and any other items to be included in the Tenancy should be present and (by law) must meet the current applicable Fire Safety Regulations.

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