Our check-out inspection report is conducted at the end of the tenancy. We visit the property, equipped with the inventory report compiled at the start, and note down any differences in the condition and contents. It will also outline details of cleanliness and whether this is liable for the tenant or the landlord.

The check-out report will only comment on factual findings with detailed photographs. Fair wear and tear will be taken into consideration when making any chargeable recommendations.

Where possible we will take the meter readings and we can accept the return of the property’s keys on behalf of the Agent or Landlord if the tenant is present. The Check-Out Report will be sent to the Agent or Landlord within 24 hours.

Please note that before the Check-Out inspection, tenants should have all their items removed and have the cleaning completed prior to the clerk’s arrival at the agreed time.

If the tenants have paid for a professional clean, they must produce a copy of the cleaner’s invoice to the Inventory Clerk / Agent / Landlord as proof this has been completed.

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