When tenants move in, we can arrange to meet with them to go through the inventory report, noting down any changes if applicable (i.e. if a piece of furniture has been added or removed since the inventory report was compiled). We will also test smoke / carbon monoxide alarms, take the meter readings, and list the keys and any manuals handed over to them where applicable.

The tenant will then sign this document, having up to 7 days to be able to query the contents and comments made in the inventory check.

We may use Inventory reports that have been compiled by other inventory companies, however this must be the most up to date inventory compiled for the new occupants. Their layout, terminology, and order may be different, however, we will record any changes and produce a check-in report in our format. We offer better value if both the inventory and check-in reports are booked by Fine Line Inventory.

For more information, contact us by calling 0207 438 2095 or email [email protected] for a free no-obligation quote.